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DJ VKTR (born in St. Petersburg, Russia) is known to light up the dance floor with upbeat and energetic vibes. The people can feel the atmosphere and enjoying the flow. Influnced by the New York music scene got him to start djing and producing. This got him spinning at places like Paperbox, TBA Brooklyn, Sullivan Room, Cielo, Pacha, and DL Rooftop. He has already released tracks on labels such as Straight Up! Music, Maintain Replay Records, Bosom, and CrackHouse Recordings.

DJ VKTR is part of a movement in NYC that will be bringing music from all over the world named Elastic Beatz. He is also known as the A/R and one of the co-founders of Elastic Beatz, where he is on a constant search for new and innovating DJs and Producers. So far the label’s releases has gotten notice from heavy hits such as Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Claude Von Stroke, Sam Paganini, David Herrero, Anderson Noise, Mario Biani, Someone Else, Stefny, and the list goes on.